Life is encoded by Genes

Health is expressed by Metabolism

Govita Tech Limited was founded by leaders in life science R&D with the ultimate goal of becoming a world-class technology driven company focusing on the development and analysis of molecular biomarkers, associating test data with individual phenotypes, with clinicians as partners providing personalized interventions to improve health, delay aging and enhance overall quality of life.

The Science of Root of Aging

With the cutting-edged research from world-class scientists, you can now understand yourself down from your genotype to phenotype. A well-known review, the hallmarks of aging, published in 2013 has been cited for over 2000 times. It offers in-depth knowledge beneath numerous critical health problems of aging. Govita focus on six conditions derived from 9 hallmarks of aging, strive to provide precise solutions using our technology. It is our mission to understand a person in a holistic manner, bring world-class research to your unique health and improve the quality of your life.

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Foster Your Health

Care for yourself and nurture your health with the scientific expertise and advanced technology from Govita. With our personalized guidance based on information from your genes and metabolites you can identify the stumbling blocks, set it right using our unique intervention formulations and advance to your full potential. Because when you understand what your genes are saying you understand things about yourself that you never knew. Let Govita unlock your genetic secrets and guide you toward what is best for you – to help you make lifestyle choices that are spot-on so you stay vibrantly healthy and delay aging.

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