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Potential Benefits of Nutrigenomics

Studies on a large-scale population often yield the best statistics. However, what works for one person does not always work for another. By using nutrigenomics and its technology, people can get a better understanding of how their body reacts to the food they eat. By analysing an individuals’ genes, a personalised nutrition plan can be created to optimise one’s health. This technology is set to potentially improve prescription medication as healthcare professionals can now administer personalised medication. This is a remarkable advancement as previously people would have an adverse drug reaction to certain medication, only finding out after the medication was taken - being fatal in some cases.

With the advent of nutrigenomics, doctors now have more information on how the body reacts to nutrients and supplements and can use this knowledge to personalise medication and dosage to a large extent. It is also possible to prevent obesity using this technology. By personalising a diet plan, along with giving specific exercise advice, results are likely to be more effective.

A study compared 50 people who were given a personalised, calorie-controlled diet, along with specific exercise advice for their genotype, with a control group who had received generic diet and exercise advice. Those with the more extensive information had lost more weight in a year compared to the control group. They also saw long term reduction to their BMI and improved overall blood glucose levels.

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