CEO of Govita – Dr. Vince Gao – 2019 Annual Meeting Key Note Speech: Yearly Review and Forecast

Dr. Vince Gao, CEO of Govita Tech Limited, brings out nine highlights of Govita’s innovation during the annual meeting. We are committed to sustain technology competitiveness and excellent prospect. We look after the health of our customers from head to toe: mental health, thyroid function, immunity, liver function, detoxification ability, cardiovascular health, balance hormones and joint health. Children DNA tests are also available, guidance is provided according to the test results. Recently, there are a few clinical cases of customers improvement after our intervention. For example, eczema, weight loss, rosacea, etc. Govita helps an old lady who has been living in a wheel chair for four years, and now she is able to stand and walk. It is our honor to provide health management with solution and to improve quality of life. We are committed to help more and more people.


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