Global Leaders

US President Bill Clinton with Dr. Craig Venter announcing the completion of human genome sequence at the White House , USA, June 26, 2000

“Genome science will revolutionize the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of most, if not all, human diseases”​

— Bill Clinton, US President, 2000​

Dr. Gao discussing with Dr. Craig Venter at Human Longevity Inc., San Diego, USA, 2015​

“We continually add and analyze human health data to transform intervention from reactive to proactive, preventative, and personalized”​

— Dr. Craig Venter, President of HLI, USA ​​

US President Obama Presented National Medal of Science to Dr. Lee Hood, Dec 21, 2012

“Precision Medicine to bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes”​

— Barack Obama, US President, 2015​

Dr. Gao discussing with Dr. Lee Hood at Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA, 2015

“We termed this P4 quantitative wellness as SCIENTIFIC WELLNESS”

— Dr. Lee Hood, President of ISB, USA​​

Dr. Gao discussing with Bill Gates & Wang Jian at Gates Foundation, Seattle, 2015

“Transomics as a key tool to keep us beauty & fit”​

— Wang Jian, President of China BGI​

Dr. Gao discussing with Bill Gates at BGI Hong Kong, 2013

“Global health is our primary focus at the Gates Foundation—Over the last five years, we have invested nearly $12 billion in global health”

— Bill Gates, President of Gates Foundation, USA, 2018​​

Dr. Gao discussing with Dr. Jonathan Wright, 2015

“Subhealth tests underlay causes of illness”​

— Dr. Jonathan Wright, President of TC, USA

Dr. Gao discussing with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, 2015

“New rejuvenation therapy repairs aging”

— Dr. Aubrey Grey, President of SRF, USA​​

Dr. Gao discussing with Dr. Richard Walker, 2015

“GHRP is safe and very effective in anti-aging”

— Dr. Richard Walker, Chief Editor of Anti-aging, USA

Dr. Gao meeting with Dr. Lauren Bramley, at IGS, HK, 2017

“GM tests help me make informed anti-aging decisions”

— Dr. Lauren Bramley, LBP Anti-aging Director, HK

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