Govita Annual Performance 2019: GMDAI – New Health Era

Everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes, but why are we so different from each other? because we are carrying different genetic information. GMDAI invented by Govita helps you to understand your biological coding system, designing a health plan that is unique to you....

Biological Age Test Results

Thank you for taking our free epiaging test in August, your result is ready for viewing. As instructed in the information leaflet, you should have kept a code with you. Please clicking on and match your code with the below chart to...

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Collaboration with BGI

BGI, a global leading biotechnology company has participated in a number of advanced international scientific researches and has obtained major breakthroughs in science over the many areas of its establishment. At present, BGI research mainly focuses on genomics,...

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Comparison of stem cells therapy and targeted peptide therapy

A featured talk held at the AIA Life Insurance Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui), comparing the difference between stem cells therapy and targeted peptide therapy. Stem cell therapy is beneficial for certain diseases. However, due to the nature of the unspecialized cells,...

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Empowering clinical practice

Dr. Gao’s address to a choicest gathering of clinicians at Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners (Central, HK) on the powerful association of genetic and metabolic data to treat underlying symptoms and some chronic illnesses. Clinicians were educated on our new technological...

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Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club

Residents and friends were invited to an afternoon of sharing on the benefits of DNA testing. Highlights included using genetic information to improve lifestyle, sport ability and diet management. Families performed DNA testing to learn about genetic talents their...

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