Govita Annual Performance 2019: GMDAI – New Health Era

Everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes, but why are we so different from each other? because we are carrying different genetic information. GMDAI invented by Govita helps you to understand your biological coding system, designing a health plan that is unique to you....

Empowering clinical practice

Dr. Gao’s address to a choicest gathering of clinicians at Dr. Lauren Bramley & Partners (Central, HK) on the powerful association of genetic and metabolic data to treat underlying symptoms and some chronic illnesses. Clinicians were educated on our new technological...

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Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club

Residents and friends were invited to an afternoon of sharing on the benefits of DNA testing. Highlights included using genetic information to improve lifestyle, sport ability and diet management. Families performed DNA testing to learn about genetic talents their...

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Health awareness day exhibit at HKSTP

With the aim of promoting health awareness, Govita was invited among other diagnostic and disease management companies to showcase our technological advancement in healthcare to the media, government officials and visitors of Hong Kong Science Park.   00852...

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Enpylife held Education Business Event at Govita

A group of 12 people visited Govita for an Educational Business Event. Through a talk by Dr. Gao, visitors learned about Govita’s detoxification and reverse aging products. DEXLA, a targeted peptide therapy for detoxification, removes toxins from the body and enhances...

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Mr. Joseph Yu Ka Fai presents ISO certificate to Govita Tech

Mr. Joseph Yu Ka Fai presents ISO certificate to Govita Tech. The ISO certificate recognizes Govita Tech’s credibility and quality of its products. The process of obtaining such certificate involves exemplary organization of the company and its operations.   00852...

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Dr. Joseph Shiu Kwong Kwan of HKU Visits Govita Tech

Dr. Joseph Shiu Kwong Kwan of HKU Visits Govita Tech. Govita Tech organized a seminar to discuss topics related to health and aging, of which the renowned Dr. Ravinder J. Singh, director of the Mayo Clinic Endocrine Laboratory, presented a talk on his expertise at the...

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Qingdao Mayor Visits Govita

We are honored that Qingdao Mayor Visits Govita. As Govita Laboratory is growing, we are inviting more people of different backgrounds to experience the services that Govita offers. We hope to extend our services and guide healthy living to the public.   00852...

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Generous Gift

Generous gift from 5100. There is no other ways to express our gratitude but to work hard! Following Mr. Hu’s previous visit to Govita Laboratory, he generously gifted the staff of Govita Laboratory with 5100 Cosmetic products.   00852 3702-6860   00852...

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5100 Cosmetic CEO Visits Govita

As both Govita and 5100 Cosmetics share similar goals in promoting healthy aging and living, we are proud to have the 5100 Cosmetics CEO, Mr. Raymond Hu visit Govita.   00852 3702-6860   00852 3702-6864   Unit 311-312, 3/F, Biotech Centre 2,  11...

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