Govita collaborated with Dr. Lauren Bramley & Patrners shortly after Govita was founded in 2016. Since then Govita has provided specific testing of health and aging related biomarkers to the clinicians at Dr. Lauren Bramley and partners, helping them make clinically informed decisions for preventative health and anti-aging.
DNA WeCheck is a comprehensive biotechnology company that integrates gene-based detection technology and professional and well-trained healthcare specialists. Leveraging Govita’s state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge technology in testing of biomarkers for preventative health and anti-aging, WeCheck continues to remain a leader in this field through comprehensive and attentive provision of healthcare.
Well-known for their glacial distilled water and skincare, 5100 collaborates with Govita to provide their customers an end-to-end service that begins with testing specific proteins and metabolites at Govita's laboratory followed by report assessment and intervention for a complete and personalized anti-aging solution.
KPM Healthcare Centre is one of the largest health centres in Hong Kong occupying a single floor space of almost 20,000 sq ft. They are located in the heart of Kowloon easily accessible by most means of transportations. Nearby major hotels provide convenient accommodation for visitors. We are equipped with comprehensive medical equipment and facilities ranging from an Operating Theatre of international hospital standard and Endoscopy rooms to PET-CT scan, MRI scan, 640-Slice CT scan and other diagnostics equipment. We strive to offer a comprehensive, professional and premium medical experience.
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