Scientific and Clinical Advisors



Chief Scientific Officer of Medolac Cor., USA

Donald H. Chace, PhD, MSFS, FACB is the Chief Scientific Officer for Medolac, a public benefit corporation. He is one of the primary developers of newborn metabolic screening using tandem Mass Spectrometry. Dr. Chace is an expert in metabolism and clinical chemistry using mass spectrometry and dried blood spot analysis. Millions of newborns are screened annually for inherited genetic disease using his patented methods.

He has published nearly 100 peer reviewed articles and has presented a at numerous conferences that include areas in Neonatology, Clinical Chemistry, Newborn Screening, Mass Spectrometry and Forensic Science. He is well known for his simple analogies in his presentations or his class room experiment using jelly beans or M&Ms to explain how compounds are measured in blood. He is currently working on validating the benefits of human breast milk in the improvement in growth of premature infants. In addition, he is developing both analytical and bioinformatic tools to aid the neonatologist is delivering more personalized care from a nutritional perspective to the premature infant. Dr. Chace can be reached at

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